What better way to enjoy those summer evenings than with an outdoor fireplace, fire pit or outdoor cooker. From our market leading partners RAIS and Girse – We have a wide range of outdoor fireplaces in many different styles, sizes, shapes and colours.

RAIS’s Outdoor collection is traditional craftsmanship combined with meticulous detail; cleverly designed by our friends from Frederikshavn. The rusty patina finish gives character to an outdoor grill and ensures that your grill is unique as no two products are the same. The stunning craftsmanship creates a stylish feature bringing warmth and cosy evenings to your outdoor space to relax and entertain in. Invite friends and family over to come and enjoy the crackling fire and a bite of food prepared over an open flame.

Girse offer a market leading combined outdoor fireplace and BBQ. Sat around with friends and loved ones, is the ideal way to extend summer evenings outside or even create cosy summer warmth on those chilly autumn and spring days. This is a true outdoor fire which is made completely out of stainless steel. The corrosion-resistant construction allows you to leave your fire place outdoors and without a cover all year round.

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