There is something primitive, ethereal and captivating about the flames of a fire. This most basic of things brings people together to cook, keep warm, eat, relax, make conversation and make passion.

Model: Pioneer 400 with 2” legs 
Location: Seaside Cottage, Padstow, Cornwall
The Clearview Pioneer 400 is the highest specification small stove ever 
built. It’s so fuel-efficient it will burn only one kilo of wood an hour, stay in 
over night, boil a kettle and even heat your water if the 8,000 Btu boiler 
is added. This rugged and stylish stove is equally at home in a country 
cottage, modern apartment and even a mobile home or a boat.
The hot air-wash system common to all Clearview Stoves gives fascinating flame patterns and crystal clear glass.
Heat Output:			1 - 5kw
Size   	Width			462mm
Height			556mm on 50mm legs
Depth			383mm
Weight:			100kgs without boiler 
Boiler Options:			8,000Btu stainless steel boiler
Maximum Log Length:	250 mm
Style Options: 			Available with 3 leg heights.
Colour Options: 		7
Price: 				Price £1,128.00 inc VAT.
Please contact Clearview Stoves for more information and a detailed price list.
Solution 400 - Bluebell Wood - Axe - 30-1.5


All the carbon currently sequestered in fossil and biological fuels was at one time free in the atmosphere. It is widely accepted that, during their growth, trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere equal to the quantity released during combustion.

Carbon released by burning wood can be re-captured in a new tree in a shorter amount of time than carbon released by burning oil can be re-captured as new oil, but either way, the process does not release any “new” carbon.

Best outcomes are for coppiced plantations, with a net sequestration of carbon overall – actually better than neutral . So it’s not impossible to be carbon neutral in burning firewood, but you have to grow it…


A wood-burner radiates heat throughout a house – it becomes the hearth of the home.

Clearview 650 with High Canopy - Warwickshire House - Fergus the dog (58.3M)


There are no mechanical parts (apart from the hinges). Burning well-seasoned wood at less than 20% moisture will deliver delicious heat forever.


With gas, propane, electricity and oil prices climbing through the roof – you will see a very rapid return on your investment in a wood-burner.

A wood-burner radiates heat throughout a house – it becomes the hearth of the home.

Clearview 750 with Low Canopy - Dinham House Music Room - 17.8MB
Solution 400 - Lower Cottage, Warwickshire - Lucy at Christmas (26-1.1M)_


Your wood-burner is the equivalent of a good heating insurance policy – not liable to break-downs and perpetually able to deliver.

If you can source well-seasoned wood locally and build up your own log-store 2 years ahead of yourself – you are then in charge of your own beautifully seasoned supply of wood.

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