ALFA – the world’s best wood-fired ovens for outdoor cooking, barbecuing, grilling and roasting.

These ovens are made of stainless steel, are highly transportable, they light easily and are up to operating temperature within 15 minutes.

The mass of the oven acts as a thermal store – slowly releasing it’s heat so that foods requiring different temperatures can be cooked in succession as the temperature of the oven drops.

Ideal for sharing food, company, warmth, fun and love outside.

Key Benefits

Can be used as an oven, barbecue or fire pit
Heats to 350c in 15 minutes and your home made pizzas will only take 90 seconds to cook
Easy to move – ALFA wood-fired ovens are on wheels
Simple to use – just light the fire and your ready to go
Looks fabulous – designed and made in Italy – need we say more
Perfect for outdoor living – get the children and/or friends involved
Cook your Sunday roast – cooks your meat, vegetables and roast potatoes
Made of stainless steel – they can stay outside all year round
Bake home made bread and cakes

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